Mary King Genealogical and Research Library

Housed within the Museum is  the Mary King Genealogical and Research Library named after Mary King in 2002 for her twenty-two years of volunteer service at the Madison County Historical Society helping families with their  genealogy. Mary will always be remembered here at the Madison County Historical Society as our treasure forever as stated on a plaque that adorns the wall of the Mary King Research Library at the society.

The Mary King Research Library houses information on family names, newspapers on microfilm, vital stats, census records, maps and more.

Researchers can conduct their own research with the assistance of an in-house researcher by calling to make an appointment or by sending a request via mail or email.

Our library is operated by knowledgeable volunteers who can assist you in your research. If you plan to visit the research library we ask that you set up an appointment, so that one of our researchers are available to assist you. Use of the library is free to members when sending requests via mail or email or when setting up an in house appointment. Use of the library for non MCHS members is $20 (includes 4 copies) when sending  requests via mail or email, a fee of $0.25 is applied for additional photocopies. In house research appointments for a  non  MCHS member is $15, a fee of $0.25 is applied for additional photocopies.   To get started on your request, please click on the research request link below and return with remittance payable to Madison County Historical Society. If you should have any questions, please contact us at

Helpful Hints for requesting research:

  • All research requests must be submitted by filling out the research request form (see link below). You should also enclose any relevant information to assist our  researchers with your request.
  • Try to be specific as possible about what you are looking for. For example, let us know that you are looking for a residence, birth, obit for a specific individual. Again, this will ensure that we are answering your request as promptly and efficiently as possible.
  • Keep in mind that recording practices are a lot different than today. Many records back then were not as detailed as you may think.
  • Be patient. We honor paid requests in the order in which they are received.
Mary King
Mary King
Oct. 6, 1921– Nov. 24, 2006

Mary King served on the society’s board of trustees and volunteered countless hours in the society’s library. Mary King often joked that the only reason she volunteered in the society’s library was that she hated to do housework and by coming into the society five times a week gave her an excuse not to clean her house.

She shared her vast amount of knowledge with anyone willing to listen and learn from her. Mary would be so proud to know that Bernice and Wayne Coston, Rosalie Orr and Terri Phillips, whom Mary trained to run the library, when she would go on vacation, which was rare, are still dedicated to filling the void left behind when Mary passed away in 2006.

As a fitting tribute to her countless hours in the society’s library, the Board of Trustees set-up a Mary King Research Library Fund. All donations received in Mary’s memory will go towards updating library equipment, or purchasing resource materials.  Contact the society if you would like to make a donation in her memory.

Research Request Form available here.